Five cats live with me on one of Sopot's attics: Abigail Framuga*Pl, her daughter Dima Marcepan*Pl, Xeven Moon River*PL, but we refer Ludzik (two queens and a neuter of the devon rex breed), Lavender Wish Scardinius*Pl whom we call Lilka (a neuter of the cornish rex breed) and Fifa which is of no particular breed.

I have also in the cattery a young male: For Marcepan HappyMiau*Pl lives in Gdynia, with my mother.

Ludzik is the first drx cat in Poland to have ever received the Suprime Premior title, and in 2009 he won the 'Super Cat' competition in the third category.

All cats in my cattery are regularly vaccinated and they get tested (HCM, white cats also for hearing) as well as going through FLeV and FiV (cats' contagious diseases) tests.

I belong to the Cat Club Feniks (member of Felis Polonia).

I do not sell cats without a contract and pedigree. I support the action: RASOWY = RODOWODOWY